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Chips with tomato sauce

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today we landed in Joburg after another long flight. I just forgot about how tired I am and how bad the flights were because of the food here in the airport. I am eating a burger from wimpy and it comes with chips and tomato sauce. First the chips are what we would call french fries. The tomato sauce is similar to ketchup but not as good. Mr cochrane just said it right as a mix of ketchup and sweet and sour sauce. Then the pop was warm, with two pieces of ice, and flat I think. I'll have to get cans or bottles from now on. I also got like 800 rands today. The burger meal was over 40 rand. Don't know what I'm going to buy. I'll probably just wait. We'll be going through security here soon to get on the plane to cape town where we'll spend the first couple days.

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Peggy said...

Hello Sean! Chips and tomato sauce - yum yum! Just checking in on you! Love you!

delicatepsm said...

Sounds like you need some sleep!! I hope you get some tonight. Love and miss you, Mom

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