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Flights and day 1

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So whenever tuesday was, yesterday I think, I rode a plane for the first time. It went alright. The flight was only a little over half an hour to Chicago. Then we hung out in O'Hare for a couple hours until we left on an airbus A330-300 I think that took us all the way to Frankfurt, Germany. That's actually where I am now, waiting for our flight around 10. While in Frankfurt we first had a hard time finding our guide, but when we did she took us on a bus to the city center where we met up with everyone else. We then went to the Main tower (called Main because of the river Main that flows through Frankfurt. The viewing platform is at 200 meters. I'll post some photos later when I get access to the computer. After the tower we went to the Romerberg which is the old city center of frankfurt. Near the romerberg is St. Bartholomew's cathedral. After WW2 almost all of the area around the cathedral was destroyed but the allies left the cathedral standing on purpose in order to mark where the city center was. Many things in frankfurt are very old, even dating back to roman times. In front of the cathedral was a group of stones that our guide said were part of a holy roman palace. The palaces were usually in front of cathedrals. The emperors had many palaces because there was no capital, rather the kings or emperors moved from city to city. Inside the cathderal was a huge organ in one of the balconies off to the side. Anyway, we're just hanging out now in the "fraport" waiting to get on the plane.

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Peggy said...

Hi Sean, glad you made in to Germany! Keep in touch!! And be good! Love you!

delicatepsm said...

Hi Sean, glad you are having such a great time. I miss you already. Be good, love you, Mom

mark3256 said...

Sounds pretty cool. Too bad you didn't have more time to look around, but I guess getting to Africa is the goal. When you read this you'll already be there!

Garlock said...

Let us know what your first impressions are of Africa!

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